You do A LOT to maximize exposure for your listings, but do you blog them? Here’s 5 reasons you might want to:

(1) It makes your sellers happy.
Anything that shows you’re aggressively marketing your clients’ home is going to make them happy. But when they see their home showcased uniquely online it also makes it easy for your sellers to simply share the link to your site with their network.

(2) It can educate potential buyers.
Instead of just itemizing all the listing details, consider being a bit more creative. Write about the neighborhood and nearby amenities and why choosing a home in this particular location is so special. Write about and include photos or video that really show off the best features of this home and community. Not only will you educate potential buyers searching for info about that area, you’ll pique the interest of homeowners in that area…and stand out if and when they decide to ever make a move.

(3) It’s good for SEO.
If you write about more than just the address of your listing….and include property type info and neighborhood/city specifics you are essentially creating a keyword rich environment on your site. Fresh, target rich content helps your site get found online and can improve your lead generation.

(4) It’s good for marketing.
Writing a listing post that tells the story of the home and the surrounding community is not only going to be more interesting to read than just dry details, but the copy can be utilized in a variety of ways. You can use the content on your blog, in print marketing, and in other media formats. It will also make the post more likeable and shareable in social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

(5) It showcases your expertise and builds credibility.
When you blog your listings, and do it right, it shows you’re a busy agent. It also shows you’re knowledgeable, creative and passionate about your job as a REALTOR®.